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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Why Do I Support #OpIsrael?

Why do I support OpIsrael?

Essentially my position on the Middle East is that I don’t support either side and consider both sides leadership terrorist.

Note that I’m not saying that all Israelis are terrorist anymore than I am saying that all Palestinians are terrorists.

Both sides are led by terrorists and therefore both sides engage in activities than can be defined as terrorist activities and often do so on a large scale.

Hamas can equivocate all they want but there is no doubt that they haven’t changed their position that all Israelis should be driven into the sea. And they and other Islamist religious extremist groups don’t hide the fact that they are willing to use any means necessary to make this happen. The suicide bombings are despicable terrorist acts and violate any sense of justice and humanity on secular grounds.

This is not a position that I can in good conscience agree with or accept especially on the grounds that they justify it which are religious extremist grounds.

On the other hand, what is being done to the people of Gaza is despicable and violates any sense of justice and humanity on secular grounds as well. There are absolutely no legitimate grounds for it that I can see to abuse the people of Gaza in the way that the Israeli state has been doing.

Anymore than there are legitimate grounds for the activities of the Armed Settlers which are consistently backed by the Israeli state. The Armed Settlers are implementing a religious extremist agenda established by the Kahane Chaiists.

Yes. The same people who assassinated Israeli Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin when he was negotiating a peace with the Palestinians and got in the way of the illegal activity of the Armed Settlers during those negotiations with Arafat. Both were negotiating a peace on secular, political grounds. One which religious beliefs played no part in the negotiations.

That was the one brief period in the history of the Middle East that there was hope for a negotiated peace.

That hope died with Rabin’s assassination and the election of Sharon and later, Netanyahu. The Palestinians reacted to Arafat’s death in the same way by electing Hamas.

The Kahane Chaiists and their supporters like the Armed Settlers and Netanyahu’s family justify their activities on religious and racist grounds in precisely the same way that Hamas does. They want Israel for Jews only and want to create the mythological Israel described in the Bible.

Those are also not positions that any rational secularist atheist like me can in good conscience accept.

So I support the secular issues raised by OpIsrael and am protesting only those issues by supporting OpIsrael.

All the religious extremists who want to use this momentum to further their religious agendas can go fuck themselves.