Friday, June 26, 2009

Atheist Nexus

An online friend of mine introduced me to this interesting social networking site which is restricted to nontheists only.

I've just recently joined and haven't had the opportunity to explore the entire site yet but it seems to have a lot of nice features like blogs, groups, friend links, etc. and allows members to post pictures and videos.

I love the Groups section. There appears to a group for everyone and I've joined several :-).

AFAIK this is the only social networking site online that is restricted to nontheists.

I'll do a full review later when I've had some time to explore it more thoroughly

In the meantime ... check it out, join, support it and help it to thrive.

I know there are many theists who stop by and read this blog.

To those theists, please be aware that theists are not allowed to join Atheist Nexus and you will be banned if you try to sneak in and are discovered.

To the Nontheists, you can find it here: Atheist Nexus