Saturday, January 26, 2008

Those Controversial Danish Cartoons Depicting Muhammed :)

Nothing pisses me off more than feeling like my freedom of speech is being taken away from me.

This trend amongst the extremists in the Islamic religion to issue Fatwahs and complaints every time someone does something that offends their delicate fucking sensibilities is becoming tiresome and ridiculous in the extreme.

We live in a democracy and we're allowed to offend, criticize and parody.

To really emphasize this point I'm planning (and have already started) to post anything that has resulted in a Fatwah or some kind of censorship.

This was the reason for the second post, an embedded video of the film, Submission. A film which resulted in Fatwahs issued for the Producer, Van Gogh and the Writer, Ali. Van Gogh was murdered by a Muslim extremist and Ali is currently in hiding.

Starting with my next post, I'll be periodically posting all twelve of the controversial Danish cartoons parodying Muhammed. ;)

And as per usual I won't be identifying myself on any of these posts :).

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Z-Lo said...

Terrific job. You are a great defender of free speech. I am also looking forward to seeing the cartoons from Iran's International Holocaust Cartoons Competition as well as some about lynchings and Jim Crow too.