Saturday, September 25, 2010

Atheists Entertain!

I receive emails from time to time from other atheists who are engaging in different types of creative pursuits.

Many atheists, in my opinion, are intensely creative people and what I receive is usually pretty entertaining.

At the top of my list today (and my personal favorite) is a show hosted by one of my FB friends, Jake Farr Wharton with his co-host, Gregg Savage.

They describe the show as: "A podcast by atheists for everyone. A social commentary on social commentary. News, reviews, special guests, normal guests, boring guests, Psychic Bob, and Conversations With God."

It's serious, entertaining, and full of interesting stuff.

I've bookmarked the RSS feed using Live Bookmarks. Click The Imaginary Friends Show podcast.

Next is a Comedy Web TV series directed by Dan Kowalski  and can best be described as zany with an intelligent and topical underlay. Dan may or may not be an atheist but the topic is one that will probably appeal to many atheists.

 As per Dan, "It's a comedy about two slackers that start a religion in their apartment for selfish reasons."

 Click Marty and Doug's New Religion to check out the web site and view the series.

Each show is about 20 minutes long so it doesn't take too long to view the six episode series and just gets funnier as you get into it.

The following is a Rap Video by Dan Bull, in honor of the Pope's visit and very nicely done. :-D.

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