Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ode to the Spirit of William Lloyd Garrison

by Danny Boy of AvC

So why play I in adverse air?
What else could such a climate bear---
When all societies find root,
In dualistic institute?

Might I have erred?---it may well be,
But that is not the point, you see:
When social matters polarize,
We all may gain, and all may rise.

When insipid faith deride,
'Tis in defense of rights denied.
In claiming that *I* persecute,
The sheep cry, "Wolf!" in false repute.

For ever they when foul is feigned,
Blind and deaf, by dogma chained,
Overlook *their* bigotry,
Convinced of their hegemony.

Throughout this score of centuries,
Their church our rights and freedoms seized.
Thus when objectively astute,
One finds 'tis *they* who persecute.

Most sit on fences 'tween world views,
The unknown feared and loath to choose;
Just *speaking* of that which divides,
Is of more consequence than sides.

Our ignorance can live quite long,
In silent shadows far prolonged,
Through generations of our young,
Whose new ideas remain unsung.

But with our prejudices fled,
Now dragged into the light instead,
Our ignorance can live no more,
Its fallacies brought to the fore.

And so I'll play my adverse part,
That I my manner may impart.
Though passionate and coarse I be,
'Tis rooted in sincerity.

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