Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ode To A Theist

No gent of true calibre born,

Would seek another's verse to scorn.

But Rhyme and verse are simply ways

we choose,

To deploy the words that we all use

To say the things we want to say,

But say them in a different way.

No whit of mine, nor comely choice,

Can speak more loudly, give more voice

To my abstract feeling of repulsion,

At all religion's sly compulsion to

Force its will on simple folk,

For me, it simply makes me baulk.

I know no gods or lords you see.

For me none-such can ever be.

They're not in my heart, nor in my mind.

No man on earth will ever find

The god you seek and say you love,

To you or anyone else will it ever prove

To be the lord and master you desire;

You're lost my friend in religion's mire.

The mire that takes a pagan story

And twists it with such vain-glory,

Purely for a purpose of their own,

To control in power they alone

Can wield with lies into false belief.

A boon for you, for me a grief.

A grief for me, because I know

Gods don't exist, will never show.

There is no such thing of any kind,

Except belief within your mind,

And in the minds of countless others,

Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers.

All caught in this paganistic story,

All thinking they will see the glory

Of this thing of no material sort;

This idea alone that you've all bought.

This NOTHING that can never be,

This NOTHING you can never see.

This NOTHING that has never been.

This NOTHING no man's ever seen.

by Lawrey of AvC

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