Saturday, December 22, 2007

Submission by Theo Van Gogh

Submission produced and directed by Theo Van Gogh, written by Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Submission, is a very powerful 11 minute short film which condemns the hypocrisy of religion, particularly Islam, from the point of view of Muslim women.

Theo Van Gogh, a film producer, nephew of the famous Dutch painter, Vincent Van Gogh, and an atheist, paid with his life to produce this short film and Hirsi Ali was forced into hiding after receiving death threats.

He was brutally murdered (stabbed and shot) by an Islamic extremist, jihadist, Mohammed Bouyeri in 2004.

Source: Theo Van Gogh Wiki article.

It's a truly sad state of affairs when the expression of controversial opinions in a free and democratic society results in death threats and murder.

And it's the reason, that I don't identify myself as the author of this post.

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